Since our foundation in 2004, JETBeam have always focused on high-performance flashlights. Thanks to excellent performance and outstanding workmanship, we have built up a good reputation and our products have been widely used in multiple fields, including outdoor activities, military use, law enforcement, industrial lighting, aviation, marine, etc. In most areas like the U.S.A, Canada, Europe and Japan, JETBeam is regarded as one of the leading mid-to-high end flashlight brands and flashlight technology developers.

JETBEAM's Proud History

In 2004, JETBEAM made the world's leading CPU dimming circuit perfectly applied to flashlight products.
In 2008, the first application of JETBEAM's magnetic sensor system has made a profound revolutionary impact on the global hand lighting tools, making people real for the first time.
Feel smaller, lighter, more durable, brighter, and so on.

At the beginning of 2009, JETBeam has been developing the first RRT-flashlight in China in the past year. The flashlight has a new unique design, good detail handling, wide voltage circuit, reliable and durable. JETBeam is a sword, many times before he succeeded in producing the modified test. It is the best choice for your outdoor search, law enforcement, self-defense, hunting, and rescue.

At the beginning of 2010, JETBeam's latest development in the country was the first to make use of the magnetic sensor principle. The brightness is up to 1200 lumens of RRT-3.
In 2010, JETBeam the latest research and development of the first domestic airline by single core magnetic sensor principle stepless dimming flashlight series will debut in the future, we will be smaller and more full, more bright, more practical, longer battery life, more goals, more suitable for individual lighting product applications.
Believe JETBeam,  we supply the most excellent design Flashlight Products, feel JETBEAM unique cultural products, the first taste of a new generation of lighting revolution in 21 Century. Always insist on such a belief: JETBEAM, the only Do Best!
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