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JETBEAM products have after-sales warranty services Within 15 days of purchasing this product, if there are any quality issues, you can request free replacement from the dealer Enjoy free warranty service within 60 months of purchasing this product After a free warranty period of more than 60 months, this product enjoys a lifetime limited warranty service. If important components need to be replaced, cost fees will be charged.

This warranty rule does not apply to the following situations:

1. Human destruction, disassembly, and modification of this product;

2. Incorrect operation leading to product damage (such as installing the wrong battery, etc.);

3. Battery leakage causing product damage;

4. Salt water or seawater corrosion causing product damage;

If assistance is needed, please contact the distributor or retailer who purchased the product first, or directly call JETBEAM headquarters for after-sales service (0755-28077748).

Note: If there are any updates to product data, please refer to the JETBEAM official website for accuracy