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When you use our flashlights, you may meed one or several problems below. If you are not able to solve the problems, read the following articles carefully, it help you to get a right answer.

Q:What is the color temperature of JETBeam's cold white light flashlight's LED?

A:The color temperature is about 6500K to 7000K.

Q: If my flashlights are working improperly, to whom shall we turn for help?
JETBeam provides easy, reliable, speedy service to all lights under our warranty
Dealers will be responsible for customers. Customers should contact the dealers or distributors from whom they bought JETBeam lights for warranty support with JETBeam′s ′Warranty Card′ and either a trade invoice or receipt. JETBeam will provide our authorized dealers with the technology and parts to service our lights. click here to know more detail

Q : The flashlight gets very hot when I use the flashlight at high light mode just for a moment, is this normal?
A:Yes. It is normal. The high light mode consumes lots of power and need to dissipate much heat, therefore, the flashlight body gets hot fast, especially the head end.

Q: How to became JETBeam Dealer/Wholesaler?
A: JETBeam has taken pride in being at the forefront of Lighting technology throughout the past decade. Our vision is to get the most advanced technology and performance into the hands of everyone across the world while maintaining a simplified and streamlined user experience. it welcome to  join JETBeam !

With our top in the industry technology, manufacturing, customer support, and 5-year warranty, there is no better time to be a part of the JETBeam family. We realize that we are here because of you. Your dedication to our brand is the reason why we have come so far over the past 10 years and we are growing at a rate that we could have only dreamed of a few years ago.

Our goal is to develop and maintain long term relationships with companies that share our same passion and commitment to illumination excellence. We want your customers to have the best flashlights and accessories out there and we can lead you there.

If you share our same philosophy for excellence and providing your customers with the best products in the lighting industry, please email us at info@niteye.com or Call us with +86 755-21031602


Q: Where and how I can buy JETBEAM flashlights?

A: Our products are widely sold in large scale outdoor store in many cities, as well as online shops(company website,Alibaba
Global).You may also send email to and tell us where you are located, and we will recommend you JETBeam distributors that is nearest to you.

Customer service email: info@niteye.com

Tel:+86 755-2752 3445
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